Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hermian ki Pukaar
Hermian ki Pukaar is the book written by Mufti Abu Lubaba Shah Mansouri. He discussed in detail that what is the issue and problem of Khaleej. Why Christians and Jews are in the Hermian Sharefain. To whom they are protecting and helping and what are the threats and vulnerability level of Muslims due to this. Why Muslims are unaware of their planning and what will be the consequences if they remained ignorant of all this. If they don’t understand the complexity of situation now they will be wiped out from the earth due to their weaknesses and coward behavior. If they will not safeguard the sacred places they will be replaced by those who are best Muslims than them.
Importance of Jazeera-e-Arab
There are three main reasons of significance of Jazeera-e-Arab.
First Reason: Religious position:
This area is the starting point of prominent and significant religions of the world like Islam, Christianity and Jews etc. the books revealed on the prophet at this area and all these factors add value to the status of this area. It is sacred for all Muslims, Christians and Jews and they have religious affiliation with it.
The western forces and armies invaded this area and the first step is the forceful creation of Israeli state in Palestine. Now they are planning to have Greater Israel. Those who are exiled from this land with the command of Prophet (PBUH) find their ways back to this place and celebrated this victory. It is important to find out that it’s the love and obedience of Muslim Ummah to westerns or it’s their cowardice and foolishness. Jews have strengthened their position in Hermain but Muslims are busy in Namaz Rooza etc without paying any attention to this situation. Muslims forget that it was the Wasiya (Will) of prophet (PBUH) to exile Jews and Christians from Jazeera-e- Arab. If they are not allowed to live in Jazeera-e-Arab then how could they dare to live near to Hermain? Non Muslims are appointed to guard the house of Allah and this have no logic as the enemies of Allah are protecting His house.
Jews and Christians are the enemies of Muslims and it is declared by Allah Almighty in Quran. The Ummah which give the task of the guard of its sacred places to non Muslims on payment how can they are able to encounter them. It is not possible. Why the duty of protection of Hermain is not given to the Muslims? America is charging 50 million dollars per year for the expenses it done on its army but is they appoint Muslims for this task the material and economical of them can be solved and it can make strong the brotherhood bond created by Islam. America tells them about propositional threats and increases their fears through fictitious risks and by this it increases its army in these places and for this purpose planned and plot dramas. Muslims are not loyal with themselves and enemies are aware of this weakness. The question is that what will be the stance of the Muslims in this threatening situation.
Second Reason: Geographic position:
Jazeera-e-Arab is very significant geographically and it lies in the center of the earth. The most important sea routes are around this area. Those who are ruling on it, they are automatically ruling all the oceans and seas. At its one side, there is Khaleej Arab which have 62 60 75% of oil resources of the world. Then beyond it is situated Behr-e-Hind which is the international route for all the international trades and transportation.
Planning of International Powers and Muslims’ Indifference:
Due to unusual significance of the area, it is the mesh of the greed of all the international powers. They are here to increase their wealth and their status. Muslims are the owners of this area but unfortunately Muslims are unable to utilize them for their benefits. Muslims are more responsible for this condition then the non Muslims due to their negligence of religious teachings, their greed and their love for materialism.
Strategies of Jews: These non Muslims have plundered the resources of Muslims and now to test their faiths they are giving loans as an aid to Muslims by imposing strict conditions.
Revival of dignified past:  The splendors past can’t be revived with these derived formulas of success but Muslims have to follow the Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH) to achieve progress and prosperity. If Muslims will adopt these self created success formulas they will remain in this pathetic condition.
Conspiracy of non Muslims to occupy the Muslims’ Seashores: They started it by increasing their trade and diplomatic relations with Muslims and they full Muslims’ markets with their products. Slowly and gradually they started providing arms and weapons to them but with the condition that they can’t use these weapons against them. It will not be used against Israel. So continuing their quest they provided them their armies to safeguard them so befooling them and occupying all this.
The non Muslims’ armies of sea and Air in Jazeera-e-Arab: The large number armies and weapons of Jews and Christians are in Kuwait, Bilad-e-Hermain (Saudi Arabia), Bahrain, Qatar, Emirates, Oman, Yemen and other countries located near Behr-e-Ahmer, Jazeera-e-Hanish and Dhalak, Miser, Jordan, Israel and Turkey. They have terrestrial and celestial armies in these areas. They have huge amount of weapons and even the authorities of the respective country don’t have access to them. They hide exact and true data about the number of their armies and weapons.
Non Muslims’ Naval forces around Jazeera-e-Arab: Along with terrestrial and Celestial forces they have huge naval army in and around Muslim’s countries. In oceans of Muslims, non Muslims have centers at almost 12 places. They have strong naval forces with marines and huge ships.
The planning to occupy Behr-e-Ahmer: Bahre-e Ahmer is of supreme importance as it is near to the sacred places of Makah and Medina. But it is geographically very important for Jews. To accomplish their evil plans against Hermain Sharefain the occupation of these places is necessary. It is important due to following reasons:
          i.            This is the only oceanic path between Asia, Europe, Africa and America.
        ii.            This is like the back bone for international trade.
      iii.            Almost 755 populations of Europe and America are linked with economics and armed forces.
      iv.            Russia, Ukraine and middle Asia have no other way then this through which they can be benefited with South Asia and Arab counties.
        v.            It is equally important militarily for all the countries.
Planning of Israel is that to occupy Behr-e-Ahmer as it have support of America, Britain and France so Israel don’t conceal their plans rather they publicize it.
Third Reason of the significance of land of Arab:
        i.            Treasure of Petrol and Gas:
The place is significant due to huge treasure of petrol in this area. Its population is 25 of the world’s population but it contains almost 60 to 755% of thee petrol of the world.
      ii.            The Goal of cold war between super powers of the world:
The reason behind cold war of America and Soviet Union was to get the excess to the oil of this area.
    iii.            Natural Gas:
The second natural resource after petrol is Natural gas for energy acquisition. Allah blessed this area with it as well and it contains 25 % of the world’s gas treasures.
Three important events of 20th century:
        i.            End of Khilafat-e- Usmania.
      ii.            Occupation on Qibla-e-Awwal.
    iii.            The arrival of Jews and Christians on the Holy Land.
Reasons of attacks of America on Iraq: American attack on Iraq leads to the killing of innocent Iraqis brutally. Their crime is their cowardice, their lack of courage and indifference to their condition.
These people are unable to ponder that how Kafirs can protect and safeguard Hermian Sharefain. Their only aim is to occupy Muslim’s natural resources and through this weak them and end them. This was their conspiracy from a long time but war on Iraq revealed their evil planning and agenda.
Attack on Iraq was a decisive one and after knowing this it depends on Muslims that either they will continue to live lazily and fearfully or they will fight to get back their status and pride.
Inaugural of new era of Crusades: Their objective is to destroy Muslims economically and militarily. The dual standard international laws tell about kind heartedness at one hand and at the other hand they have evil plans. This is their hypocrisy and their planning is to attack Muslims’ countries. In this plan of destruction of Muslims Jews and Christians are helpers and friends of each others. They insisted that they are working for the benefits of Muslims’ countries but these are their evil tricks.
The real reasons of a worldwide dispute: Now a day’s Muslims are facing two types of tyranny and oppressions of these by westerns.
        i.            One is related to worldly matters means they are plundering and looting the resources of Muslims.
      ii.            Second is related to Deen of Muslims as they want to merge Judaism and Christianity in Islam. They wish that Muslims became materialistic altogether and never pay heed to religion.
The bitter truth of the world: As it is obligatory for Muslims to pray 5 times a day, it is also their duty and mandatory on them to protect Islam, Muslims and their sacred places. They should safeguard their territory from westerns’ invasion whether physical or intellectual.
The biggest theft of the world: Muslims neglected their religion and its practices and suffering from its consequences. They are not following Quran and Sunnah and they are not behaving like an Ummah. The biggest theft of the Muslims is of their teachings of Deen and they are not aware of it. America is indebted to Muslims in reality but by certain techniques it transferred this debt to Muslims and through all this it is ruling on Muslims and Muslims is like puppets in their hands.
Solution of All these Problems: The best solution is that Muslims should seek pleasure of Allah Almighty only. Muslims can succeed only if they follow Quran and Sunnah and not their desires and wishes. If they hold fast the rope of Quran and Sunnah they can sustain. Muslims forgets the teaching of Islam and they are in the darkness of ignorance. They are following the path of Jews and Christians and willingly or unconsciously they are at war with Allah. So how they can succeed and progress. For progress and prosperity and for victory the only thing required is courage and strong determination. With Allah’s help and His Will Muslims can be successful and this is the real Fatah of Muslims.  



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