Friday, December 23, 2011

Say "No" to Liquid candy for adults...
Say "No" to Soda Drinks....Soda drinks or Cola drinks e.g. pepsi coke , 7up , sprite and dew are not good for health at all.
Stop drinking this unhealthy liquid candy which can make you sick.......
1) Soda drinks cause Acidity and Tooth decay
2) Soda drinks solve calcium in food. so drinking soda drinks regularly may decrease the amount of calcium required for your body. keep in mind that all type of bone diseases are mostly due to decay of calcium....
3) Soda drinks contain extra ordinary sugar, which your body can not absorb. this results pancreatic cancer or diabetes.
4) Soda drinks contain high fructose corn syrup that can cause obesity and diabetes.
5) Soda drinks are banned in British schools. because they are found unhealthy for kids.
In 2003, the Centre for Science and Environment  New Delhi, said aerated waters produced by soft drinks manufacturers in India, including multinational giants PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, contained toxins including lindane, DDT, malathion and chlorpyrifos pesticides that can contribute to cancer and a breakdown of the immune system.
7) Water use Environmental degradation in the form of depletion of the local ground water table due to the utilization of natural water resources by the company poses a serious threat to many communities. In March 2004, local officials in Kerala shut down a $16 million Coke bottling plant blamed for a drastic decline in both quantity and quality of water available to local farmers and villagers
8) Coca-Cola's operations in India have come under intense scrutiny as many communities are experiencing severe water shortages as well as contaminated groundwater and soil that some assert are a result of Coca-Cola's bottling operations.
7) Packaging used in Coca-Cola's products has a significant environmental impact but the company strongly opposes attempts to introduce mechanisms such as container deposit legislation
8) In 2004, the British government launched a wide-ranging review into food promotion and childhood obesity. One survey found that Coca-Cola broadcasted a high proportion of their advertisements during children's television
9) Coca-Cola Co, on July 7, 2008 compromised to pay $137.5 million (£69.4 million) to settle an October 2000 shareholder lawsuit. Coca-Cola was charged in a U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, with "forcing some bottlers to purchase hundreds of millions of dollars of unnecessary beverage concentrate to make its sales seem higher."
10) In 2003, protesters at Coca-Cola's annual meeting claimed that black people remained underrepresented in top management at the company, were paid less than white employees and fired more often

Source :- say no to cola drinks


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