Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sayyedna Shoaib (A.S.)

Key points of the topic.
·         Shoaib (A.S.) is Khatib-ul-Ambiya, the Speaker of the Ambiya, the Orator of the Ambiya. Allah has given him eloquence in speech. He had beautiful words and wisdom and he advices to his people.
·          Shoaib (A.S.) is from the descendants of Ibrahim (A.S.).
·         Shoaib (A.S.) made dawah to his people in Madyan.
·         The job of people of Madyan was trade and business but they were unfair in their business dealings.
·         Suddi, one of the Mufassirin, he says these are the first people to start taxation and terrace, customs. Whenever somebody is passing through Madyan, he has to pay customs.
·         Baraka is a secret that Allah puts in the money means blessing.
·         Shoaib (AS) said to his people that I am not a guardian over you. You are responsible for your own dealings and transactions. They are stating two things in their response:
i.        They want to separate between the religion of Shoaib (AS) and their religion.
ii.      Secularism, Means separation between the religion and the aspects of life which was their reply to Shoaib (AS).
·         Shoaib (A.S.) was from a noble, strong family. Why? Because Prophet (PBUH) says. “After a Lut (AS), Allah has sent every Messenger in a strong family.
·         People of Shoab (AS) were completely ignoring the laws of Allah and this is expected from people who are wealthy and rich and strong because Prophet (PBUH) says, “Wealth that makes you arrogant”.
·         Shoaib (AS) had given piece of advices to everyone.
i.        A very important quality of the believer is that what he himself does, he preaches that to people and the opposite is the quality of the hypocrite.
ii.     Do good work as much as it is possible for you? This rule implies two things:
a)      We should do the best of our capacity as much as we can.
b)      The second thing that implies is if you are not able to do it completely, then don’t leave it completely. If you are able to do a portion of it, then do it.
iii.    Success and guidance depends on Allah. Whenever we do good actions, it is coming from Allah. The Taufeeq comes from Allah.
iv.    Always put all the trust in Allah while doing something. It is a concept that is taken in extremes.
a)      Somebody who takes the concept of Tawakkul to the extreme by thinking that putting trust in Allah means that he will worship Allah and forget about rizq and forget about trying.
b)      The other extreme is somebody who is suffering from the limited vision of this world and is surrounded from every side with the material world and can only believe what he sees with his eyes. He follows the laws of nature in this world and is completely keeping out the issue of Tawakkul and ghaib.
·         The Mufassirin say the punishment of the people of Shoaib happened this way. Clouds came over their heads and then the wind stopped. That was a punishment because without air circulation humidity builds up; the air is stuffy and hot.
Leadership and Management Attributes.
·         Efforts with patience.
·         No cheating and fraud.
·         Trust in Allah.
·         Brings gradual and positive changes.
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
·         The story of Shoaib (AS) and his people gives us many lessons to be implemented in our day to day life. The most important are:
i.        Islam is a complete code of life and we should and can’t separate Deen and Duniya and can’t live life under Secularism.
ii.      We should always trust in Allah and should have complete Tawakkul.
iii.    We should always beg Allah for Taufeeq so that we could do good acts and refrain from evils.
iv.    In business dealings, we should avoid fraud, cheating, measuring less and dealing in interest.
v.      We can change the society step by step and gradually.
vi.    Jealousy and arrogance makes a person dumb and deaf and he can’t distinguish between right and wrong so we should be aware of it.
Lessons learned from the topics.
·         One cannot attribute brotherhood to mushriks and disbelievers as Allah didn’t stated Shoaib (AS) brother of the people of Aika.
·         Give full measure and full weight and don’t cheat.
·         Do not cause corruption in the land.
·         The issue of business is a very, very important part of religion that we are taking very lightly.
·          There are some people who are the best in terms of their attachment to the faraidh of Islam and their application to many sunan of Prophet (PBUH). They are the best in that and on the other side they are the best in cheating and takhfeef al-meezan and wronging others in business.
·         Allah destroys and decreases interest and Allah increases and expands sadaqa (charity).
·         An important element in wealth is issue of Baraka. Baraka is a secret that Allah puts in the money means blessing.
·         The religion of Allah controls everything in our livelihood in the day and in the night whether it is politics or it is economics or trade or banking, these are other aspects of economics, whether it is the civil law, whether it is the social relations, whether it is international law and relations between nations.
·         Muslims need to have a gradual change that will take a while but it is step-by-step process.
·         The path of Islam is long and it needs a lot of patience.
·         Some people are keys of good which means that these people wherever they go, they leave behind them good.
·         The harder your work, the more fruits you would get.
·          Taufeeq of Allah is necessary and it will make every task easy.
·         Put complete trust on Allah while doing anything.
·         The understanding of Tawakkul is that the birds did not stay in their nests. They went out in the morning and they came out back at night. So while trying one should have Tawakkul in Allah.
·         Jealousy and hatred prevents people from the truth even though they knew the reality.
·         The trouble always comes from the leadership if they are wrong.



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