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Sayyedna Musa (A.S.)
Musa (AS) (Part 1).
Key points of the topic.
·         Kalim ullah is the title of Musa A.S because he talked to Allah Almighty
·         The story of Musa A.S is mention in the holy Quran 124 times
·         Bani Israil was the last Ummah close to the Ummah of Muhammad SAW
·         History of bani Israil is rich with experiences
·         Nature of conflicts are same as the Ummah of Muhammad SAW
·         Allah talks about Yahud more because they are making plans against Islam now and even in the time of Musa A.S
The problem, issues or disease.
·         Problems of bani Israil were same as the Ummah of Muhammad SAW
·         Jews are the one who are plotting against Islam day and night
How it was resolved.
·         Allah tells story of Musa A.S 124 times in holy Quran and teach us how to deal with Jews
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
Story of Musa A.S is more important because Bani Israil had same problems as we have now in our lives. Story of Musa A.S tells us how to deal with different situations in our life.
Lessons learned from the topics.
·         Story of Inbiyah have lessons to follow
·         Apply their story in our own life.

Musa (AS) (Part 2).

Key points of the topic.
·         Story of Musa A.S is very long
·         At that time there was a political situation because Firoun had too much influence over people
·         Firoun said I am your Lord
·         He divided people into different tribes
·         Bani Israil was among the lowest in tribes
·         Firoun saw a dream about a boy who will take away his kingdom from him
·         He gave order to kill all the new born baby boy and leave girls
·         The mother of Musa A.S become pregnant and she was able to conceive her pregnancy from the guards of Firoun
·         Musa A.S was born
·         Allah told to the mother of Musa A.S on her heart that cast him into river in a box and she did the same
·         The box kept on moving in river and Allah sent box to the palace of Firoun, family of Firoun picked it up.
·         Asia saw the baby and she loved him, she became the soldier of Allah for Musa A.S
·         They adopted him as they had no children
·         Mother of Musa A.S told her daughter to take the knowledge about Musa A.S
·         Allah did not allow Musa to drink milk from anyone
·         Sister of Musa reached to palace and said I know a better who can feed him
·         Musa started to milk from his own mother

The problem, issues or disease.
  • Political situation of Bani Israil was very depressed
  • Nation was divided in different tribes, nationalism
  • Love of kingdom
  • Protection of new born child Musa A.S
  • Upbringing of Musa A.S
How it was resolved.
  • Allah gave promise to the mother of Musa A.S to protect her child
  • Allah told to the mother of Musa A.S, cast the baby in river in a box and be patience
  • Allah has a plan, upbringing of Musa A.S was done in the palace of Firoun
  • Musa A.S returned back to his mother, as Allah promises her.
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
From the story of Musa A.S we learn a lesson and can apply in our personal and professional life that in any situation we must have Tawaqal or trust only in Allah Almighty. We must face every problem with patience them Allah help us in our problems.
Lessons learned from the topics.
  • All the kingdom are belongs to Allah Almighty
  • Have patience in any difficult situation
  • Have Tawaqal in Allah Almighty

Musa (AS) (Part 3).
Key points of the topic.
  • Musa A.S grow up in the palace of Firoun
  • When he was young Allah gave him good judgment and knowledge
  • Personality of Musa A.S was strong, black color and curly hairs
  • In Egypt at noon time Musa A.S saw two men fighting each other. One of them was from his tribe, he helped his man against Egyptian and hit other man so strong that he fell down and died
  • Next day same man had fighting with another man, when he saw Musa A.S coming towards him he said now you want to kill me as you kill Egyptian last day
  • The news of murder reached to the every corner of Egypt and became the political issue
  • Firoun and his government meet together to discuss issue and decided to kill Musa A.S
The problem, issues or disease.
  • The situation of people at that time was very depressed because they lived in slavery for many years and became selfish and loss their dignity
  • Musa A.S helped his man but in return he became selfish and that cause political issue against Musa A.S
How it was resolved.
  • Firoun and his governance meet together to solve this political issue and gave order to kill Musa A.S
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
In current situation we live in great depression and become selfish and loss our dignity. We are not able to fight with these problems but if we considered the story of Musa A.S and try to apply it in our life then we can able to get rid from this problem. Another lesson can be applied in our lives that always ready for help others. Now some Muslims countries fight for their rights and independence, as a Muslim Ummah it is our duty to help them according to our capacity.

Lessons learned from the topics.
  • Always help depressed people according to capacity
Musa (AS) (Part 4).
Key points of the topic.
  • Musa A.S go to east and walk all way out to Egypt and in his journey he eaten leaves. He marching out to Madyan
  • He saw some men fighting and two women sit besides well waiting for their turn. Musa A.S go to them and asked why are you sitting and not taking water from well. She said, we are weak cannot fight with men so we are waiting for our turn. Musa A.S immediately fight with men and gave water to women. Them Musa A.S sat under the tree.
  • Under tree Musa A.S prayed for help from Allah. Immediately one woman from two came to him with shyness and said my father want to reward you for your help. Musa A.S followed her and reaches to the old man, some jurists said he was Souaib A.S. Musa A.S told his story to old man and old man said doesn’t fear.
  • One daughter gave advice to her father to hire Musa A.S as he is the best to hire, he is strong and trustworthy.
  • Old man hired him and also gave him his one daughter and mahr was to serve old man 8 years and Musa A.S accepted it. 
The problem, issues or disease.
  • Strong generation constringe weak generation
How it was resolved.
  • Musa A.S was very tired because of his journey but he helped the weak one.
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
We must help other people who have no capacity to deal with problem.
Lessons learned from the topics.
  • help other weak one and spread justice

Musa (AS) (Part 5).
Key points of the topic.
  • Allah want that we know about the background of Musa A.S
  • Musa A.S lives with Firoun in his palace to know governance system and corruption of people. He work as shepherded to teach leadership quality as sheep are weakest among animals and shepherded have to guard very well and should be alert.
  • Bani Israil had mixed culture and had depression so Musa A.S deal with them
  • After 10 years Musa A.S wanted to went back to his family. He took his wife and in the middle way he lost direction to Egypt. It was very cold and dark night. Musa seen fire in the sky and walked to that direction alone. That was sacred valley in At Tur and Allah spoke to Musa A.S
  • Allah told him that I am your Lord and you are my messenger. After this Allah ask him about his stick. Musa A.S told that this is my stick for my help. Allah said throws it and stick started moving and become snake. Musa A.S rum away and did not look back then Allah said came here and have no fear.
  • Then Allah said put your hand in your other arm and his lightened.
  • Allah said Musa A.S, go to Firoun and tall him to follow you, Musa A.S askes for help and about killing case and requested to sent Haroon with him and Allah helped him.
The leadership quality
  • A leader must know the governance system and corruption of people
  • He must have capacity to guard weak one and be alert
  • Deal with different culture and depression of people

Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
In our life we must know about the governance system which we have and try to be alert about all the problems and issues as we live in mix culture and depressed situation.
Musa (AS) (Part 6).
Key points of the topic.
  • Allah said go to Firoun with your brother Haroon A.S and gave him advice to speak him mildly, it can help to soften his heart.
  • Musa and Haroon made many conversations with Firoun but Firoun started making fun of Musa A.S but Musa A.S was firm on his way.
  • Firoun now threatened Musa A.S and said I will send you in jail
  • Musa shown his miracle but Firoun said you are a magician and announced that he would gathered all magicians against Musa A.S
The leadership quality
  • Musa A.S was firm and serious on his advice when Firoun making fun of him
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
If we are on justice then we must firm in our dealing and work even if other people create hurdle in our way.
  • Musa (AS) (Part 7).
Key points of the topic.
  • Musa A.S choose Zeenah day for competition. There were 70 magicians against Musa A.S. they throw their sticks and became moving objects. Allah said that was great magic because that was illusion on the eyes of people. Musa A.S threw his stick and it ate up all other sticks because stick of Musa A.S had soul.
  • All the magicians said this is not magic and they made Sujud and became believers. Firoun said you believe him and take not my permission. He said Musa is your teacher who will teach you magic and said I will punish and crucified you. Magicians said do whatever you want to do.
The leadership quality
  • Once a person enters in Islam he must firm in his decision and have no fear about any hurdles because Islam is the only true religion.

Musa (AS) (Part 8).
Key points of the topic.
  • Evil advisors of Firoun said this is oppressing situation. They pushed Firoun to fight against Musa A.S.
  • Allah sent many punishment to Bani Israil as
Ø  Allah sent drought and least food. Firoun and his people asked Musa A.S to make dua to your Lord, Allah accepted his dua.
Ø  Next Allah sent flood. They went to Musa A.S for dua. Allah accepted the dua but they broke their promise again.
Ø  Allah sent on them tornado and did the same.
Ø  Allah sent on them insects, lies and ticks
Ø  Allah sent frog to them and same happened
Ø  Allah sent blood to them, water of river Nile became blood for the people of Firoun.
The problem, issues or disease.
  • Love of kingdom and power had influence over the heart of people.
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
We must have believed in Allah and that all the wealth belongs to Allah almighty, everyone get according to his own capacity.
Lessons learned from the topics.
  • The entire kingdom belongs to Allah Almighty.
Musa (AS) (Part 9).
Key points of the topic.
  • Allah gave Firoun enough chances
  • When the leader treat his people humiliated this is because they were corrupt people
  • Young people followed all the Ambiyah and also Musa A.S
  • When things were became more difficult for Israil. Allah told them to mark the houses of Israil. Allah said to Musa A.S to leave with the children of Israil in night time. 600000 people followed Musa A.S
  • Firoun mobilized his army against Musa A.S
  • Musa A.S reached to the red sea. People of Musa said we will kill but Musa said I believe in Allah.
  • Allah said to Musa that hit your stick into sea and then sea gave the way and became water mountain
  • All army of firoun was in the middle of sea then water turn to its natural situation.
  • Allah said today we preserve the body of Firoun as a sign for people
The leadership quality
  • Leader must have faith in Allah against any problems and issues
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
In our personal and professional life, if we face problems and issues them we must have Tawaqal in Allah that Allah is with us in any situation.
Musa (AS) (Part 10).
Key points of the topic.
  • Very few people of Firoun followed Musa A.S included Asia, the wife of Firoun.
Musa (AS) (Part 11).
Story of Musa AS and Bani Israil
Key points of the topic.
  • Musa AS went to see Allah in hurry and said to Allah my people are close to me and follow my foot steps
  • Allah says we have putting your people on test.
  • Samari told to Bani Israil to gathered all gold of Egypt and melt it and when gold was melt Samari mixed dirt of Jibrail in it and made a calf with it. A sound was coming from the calf. Samari said this is your Lord worship him.
  • Musa went for 30 days but forget his way. He appointed Haroona as a Khalifa on his people
The problem, issues or disease.
  • Bani Israil did not have strong believe and Tawqa on Allah, as Allah putted them in test any they failed
Lessons learned from the topics.
We must have strong faith and believe in Allah

Musa (AS) (Part 12).
Key points of the topic.
  • Allah told Musa AS that your people worship calf. Musa AS went back angrily and asked from his people how you commit shirk. They said we did not do that on our own will.
  • Then Musa AS asked from Haroon because Musa AS made Haroon his khalifa
  • Musa AS called Samari and exile him from Egypt and made tuba from Allah
  • Allah accepted his tuba but with a condition that to sacrifices yourselves and 70000 were killed
  • Mussah choose 70 best men and took them to At Tur for apologies to Allah
  • At mountain they said we want to see Allah so the earth shook and all fell down and dead
  • Musa AS said Allah raised them up after death and Allah gave them new life
The problem, issues or disease.
  • Shik is the greatest sin, Allah accepted their Tuba but with the condition to sacrifices their selves. 
Musa (AS) (Part 13).
Key points of the topic.
  • Mussa want to conquer Bait-ul- Muqadas but his people said, let them first leave then we want to walk in and said go and fight with your Lord. Allah punished them as not gave them Jerusalem for 40 years
  • Allah wanted to meet Musa AS, next to At Tur for 30 nights. Musa was hurry and fasting for 30 days because of his mouth smell Musa AS did miswak, because of his this actions Allah told Musa AS fast for 30 days again
  • Musa AS wanted to see Allah and ask Him. Allah said look at the mountain, He revealed Himself to mountain, mountain was destroyed and become sand and Musa AS became unconscious.
  • Bani Israil wanted onion, garlic etc over Man o Salwa
The problem, issues or disease.
  • Lack of power to face difficulty
  • They were not wants to change their taste over gifted food.
Musa (AS) (Part 14).
Key points of the topic.
  • Old man killed and his murderer was unknown. Bni Israil went to Musa AS to solve this problem. Mussa AS prayed Allah for help. Allah said to sacrifices specified yellow color cow and pore its blood on the body. They did the same with many questions asking from Musa AS. Dead body spoke its murderer name.
Musa (AS) (Part 15).
Key points of the topic.
  • Musa AS was very shy and covers his body all the time.
  • People of Musa AS said he is suffering leprosy but Allah revealed Musa’s body to the people and all were seen the best creation of Allah.
  • When angel of death came to Musan AS in a foam of man, he slap him on his mouth
  • Musa AS have one request that take his body close to Jerusalem
The problem, issues or disease.
  • Bani Israil said that Musa AS is suffering leprosy

How it was resolved.
  • Allah revealed Musa AS to his people and they saw the best of His creation
Musa (AS) (Part 16).
Musa and Al Khisar
Key points of the topic.
  • One man stood up from bani Israil and said who is more knowledgeable, Musa said I am. Allah said how you can say this. Allah told him that Al- Khisar is more knowledgeable than you.
  • Musa AS wanted to meet him. He started his journey with his servant Nusha bin Noon. Musa AS meets to Al Khisar and said I want to follow you.
  • Khisar AS said you don’t follow me because you have no patience then he agreed but set a condition that you do not allow to ask any question over my actions.
  • Khisar AS said most knowledgeable is Allah. Then he destroyed the ship of poor man, killed young boy and rebuilt the wall. Musa AS asked question every time. The Khisar AS stopped at this point and told the vision behind his actions.
The problem, issues or disease.
  • Musa AS said that I have more knowledge because I am Nabi
  • Mussa AS had no patience and asked questions every time.
How it was resolved.
  • Allah said to Musa that Khisar is more knowledgeable then you, then Musa AS was ready to learn knowledge from him
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
We must have patience and try to learn knowledge even if we face many problems.
Lessons learned from the topics.
  • Patience
  • Most knowledgeable is Allah
  • No greed
  • Try to Learn knowledge
Musa (AS) (Part 17).
Key points of the topic.
  • Fazail of Mussa AS
Ø  Most frequent Nabi mention in Holy Quran
Ø  He had patience over his people

Ø  Holy Prophet (SAW) saw Musa AS praying in his grave at the time of Miraj. 

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