Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lives of the Prophets
Sayyedna Adam (A.S)
Key points of the topic.
Allah Says:
We relate unto you the best of stories.’ (12:3)
 These are the best of stories because they are dealing with the best of creation.
  • Some of the benefits talking about the Anbiya

1)      It is the commandment of Allah Almighty.
2)      These stories are for us to drive a lesson and reflect and to contemplate and to think about deeply reflect on them.
3)      They are those whom Allah has guided so follow their guidance because they are the best.
4)      To love them. If we do not know someone, we cannot love him.
  • The difference between the Prophet and the Messenger

Every Prophet is not a messenger but every messenger is a Prophet. If the Prophet is given a new law, he becomes a Rasool and if he is not given a new law, then he is the Nabi, only a Prophet.
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
It is the duty of every Muslim to learn the stories of Anbiya as Allah commanded Prophet (PBUH) to relate these stories to the people so that they reflect on them and get the lessons.
Lessons learned from the topics.
·         Learn the stories of Anbiya.
·         Contemplate on the lives of Prophets.
·         Learn lessons from their lives and apply on ones’ self.
·         Make prophets as the role models for one’s own self and for their children.
The Story of Creation
Key points of the topic.
  • The story of creation.
  • Rizq is sustenance what Allah will provide us.
Rasool (SAW) says in the hadith narrated by Muslim, ‘Allah wrote down the sustenance of the creation fifty thousand years before He created the heaven and the earth.
  • The angels were created from light.
  • The jinn they were created from fire.
  • Adam was created from dirt.
The problem, issues or disease.
·         Struggle to earn money and devoting whole life to gain wealth.
·         Don’t make the earning of money the sole purpose of life as Prophet (PBUH) stated that sustenance of the creation is prewritten and even 50 thousand years before the creation of heaven and earth.
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
We should not strive only for getting wealth and remain busy in thoughts of money making as whatever we do we will get the share which is already decided by Allah Almighty so we should pay attention to obey Allah and strive hard to get His pleasure.
The story of Adam (A.S), Part 1.
Key points of the topic.
·         Allah decided to create Adam (A.S).
·         What does this Khalifa mean?
Khalifa comes from the word, Khalaf.. And khalaf means to succeed someone else or to   assume the position of someone else.
·         Responsibility of Man is to establish the laws of Allah in this world.
·         Allah has created for us everything in this world.
·         Angles perceived that Humans will cause corruption and shed blood.
·         Allah created Adam (A.S) with the handful of dirt (Turab) and Quran describes components of our body: Turab, Teen, Salsaal, Hamaim masnoon and Teen nin lazib
·         Satan saw the pottery of Adam (A.S) and stated that it is the weak creation.
·         Satan is the enemy of Human beings from the day one and even before the creation of Adam (A.S).
·         Allah created Adam (A.S) with his own hands.
·         Islam is not against the part of the theory of evolution which stated that species adopted their environment and the part of theory regarding creation is rejected as it is totally wrong.
·         The knowledge of Soul is to Allah alone.
·         Allah taught Adam (AS) the greeting which is Assalam-o-Alikum which means Peace be upon you.
·         Allah has taken the covenant (Meesaaq) from all the Human beings.
·         Allah taught Adam (AS) the names and also gives ability of Bayan (Speech).
·         Allah created Hawwa the mate of Adam (AS) from his Rib.
·         Allah allowed them to live in Jannah and all was at their expense except the one tree which was forbidden.
·         Shaitan gave Adam waswasa. Waswasa is some hidden speech that is delivering in one’s mind; evil inspiration.
·         Adam and Hawwa ate from the tree and then Allah descent them on earth.
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
·         We should not give precedence to anything material over the human being and don’t sacrifice human beings for materialistic desires.
·         Whenever we see something that we are not able to understand those comprehensive not easy to understand Allah has reason behind that. There is a hikma (wisdom) behind every action.
·         We should think about ourselves that why we are committing sins and mistakes.
Lessons learned from the topics.
·         Experience is very important and more valuable and beneficial then mere knowledge.
·         Satan is the biggest enemy of human beings.
·         Human beings are not the resource but Allah gave Human beings supreme importance so they should not be sacrificed for materialistic things.
The story of Adam (A.S), Part 2.
Key points of the topic.
·         Adam (AS) loved Dawud (AS) and gave him 40 years from his life.
·         When angle approached Adam (AS), he denied that he gave 40 years to Dawud (AS).
·         Human beings forget, it’s their quality and they reject what they said earlier.
·         Angles washed and buried Adam (AS).
The problem, issues or disease.
·         People forget and it’s their nature.
How it was resolved.
·         Give them excuses and forgive them if they forget as Prophet (PBUH) said give 70 excuses before blaming them something.
Leadership and Management Attributes.
·         Quality of forgiveness and forbearance.
Translate the message into my professional and personal life.
·         It the nature of the human beings that they forget and they denied what they promised or stated earlier so we should forgive others and understand the human weaknesses.
·         We should give excuses to our brothers and sisters for their mistakes before blaming them liar or dishonest etc.



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